Language Translation for Business Results

Say exactly what you mean to say.

While business in a foreign market is fraught with challenges, language is the easiest to overcome and yet the one most commonly mishandled. Marketing messages lost in translation can be hilarious... until it happens to you.

Get it right first time. gH Translations will work with you to produce accurate translations that account for cultural sensitivities and the idiosyncrasies of any dialect.

You have over 60 languages to choose from. Here is a sample of some of the languages that we translate to or from: Arabic, Bislama, Chinese (Simplified or Traditional), Dari, English, French, Gujarati, Italian, Japanese, Korean and Tok Pisin to name a few. 

Feel free to call us, to discuss your translation requirements or check out our Introduction to our Services. For your free quote please contact us.

gH translations is directly associated with leading design company gardyneHOLT.  This means we can work with the complex language requirements of websites, packaging, documents and advertising, to remove the risk of errors when non-language designers handle translated text.