Not all languages are created equal.

Depending on what you are translating, if space is a restriction, please check with your translations supplier on your required language. Some languages when translated from English to the target language, may increase in word volume by up to 25%.

Text is part of the brand design value, so this is something that should be considered. Nobody truly wants to read a small font size, and it can impact on your brand and the product you are trying to sell.

For example: packaging always has a limited amount of space and once you translate the material, your design team has to reduce the size of the font type to fit everything in. For this reason, it is an aspect that needs to be included into your design approach when planning.

Languages that this can apply to (please check with your supplier):


Know your cultural target.

Be aware of the idiosyncrasies of one culture to another. While they may seem small to you, it can be very off putting to your client. This includes colours, text, images or how your intended client directionally reads.

A famous drug company marketed a new remedy in the United Arab Emirates. To avoid any mistakes they used pictures. The first picture was of someone ill, the next picture showed the person taking the medication, the last picture showed them looking well.

What they forgot is that in the Arab world people read from right to left.

Is free really free?

Google translate and possibly other free translation sites should never be used as a translation tool on your website, as it literally only translates the words NOT the context or meaning.

If you have sent any communications using these tools to prospective clients, whether formal or informal, you may lose face before you have started.

What do they mean?

Localisation =  to make your message for your intended client in their speak.

Transliteration = when the verbal pronunciation matches the written translation

Mandarin = is the spoken language in The People's Republic of China, Singapore and Taiwan

Simplified Chinese = is the written language of  The People's Republic of China and Singapore

Cantonese = is the spoken language of Hong Kong and Macau

Traditional Chinese = is the written language in Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan