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Doing it right.

One case study is Zespri International which has done a tremendous job in developing its northern and central Asia markets. Clever marketing and advertising has led to a hugely successful Japanese
sales volume, and the Chinese market promises to follow suit, with extraordinary levels of attention, and resource committed.

In 2009, Zespri’s attention also focused on countries in South East Asia, where sales had been languishing for some time.

Daniel Mathieson, based in Singapore, was tasked with identifying strategies and partners to grow sales across the region. New Zealand enjoys a free-trade relationship with the ASEAN nations, but in
so many cases, the advantages are not utilised. Zespri identified that in many cases, their appointed in-country representatives were not developing the market properly and in a region where fruit is varied and
plentiful, the unusual and slightly expensive Zespri product was being overlooked.

GardyneHOLT was asked to build a region-wide, multi-language website to support. They came up with a portal and multi-site approach aimed at introducing Zespri kiwifruit to consumers. Visit the website at www.zespri-sea.com

The site took three months to design, build and install, and is based on GardyneHOLT's noted Jojo CMS web engine. This allowed a wide range of languages to be entered directly into the site, particularly by regional Zespri support staff with little technical knowledge. By using gH Translations, Zespri was
able to utilise a strong single service and a bundled price that provided design, technical services and language support — all for one fee, and delivered on time.

For Zespri, administration was massively simplified and a single point of accountability for all destinations in the region was created: for Thailand, Vietnam, Philippines, Malaysia, Singapore and Indonesia.


Zespri website - South East Asia Zespri website - South East Asia

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